Wikash Baidjoe, born October 24 1983 in The Netherlands, better known by his artist name ZiK, is a music producer. He produces different genres of music. From dance, hiphop and r&b music to even producing film music and music for TV and promo’s.


His passion for music started in his younger years listening to Michael Jackson Vinyl’s and playing beats on a Casio keyboard. Soon after he got in touch with the magical world of DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) and started to develop what he became today: A versatile music producer.


The unique sound he creates makes him stand out from any other producer. He also has the gift to create original music to the liking of many  artists & projects as he captures the feeling they picture in a piece of music.


ZiK wants to change the face  of popular music today with his limitless creativity and his one of a kind style  and try to stay ahead of the game with originality and experimentation. Wether it’s dance music or a ballad his goal is to move the listeners emotionally with his music.




Unique sound or design

to fit your project.


Perfection is what the customer wants.

Work until it´s perfect!


From start to delivery

100% dedicated to all projects.








Do you need original music for your project? Look no more!


ZiK can make it happen! Wether it is music for a song, movie, commercial, game or even a remix. Just send an e-mail with your request and i will get back to you with the possibilities.


Be specific with the kind of vibe you would like the music to bring to your project. Once the request is accepted and payment is received, ZiK will start working on the project and send you a concept by e-mail. Once you have listened to the concept, you can give feedback about the music. ZiK will make changes in the music as requested and finish the project. Send your stems and/or midi files via and include info about the song like tempo and key.


Full mastering is included in the price for original music or a remix.


Do you need a video for your music or promo? ZiK can make that happen as well! Wether it is editing or making a new video.

ZiK will create a unique project.




Music production

Original composed music for artists, commercials, films or your own personal needs.

Brand Promotion

Promote your brand! Connect with the people!




ZiK Productions was born in  the end of 2013. The first year has been very successful. From promoting Parrot as a brand and  promoting their headphones to producing music for big Dutch Youtubers. Working with violinist Ceran Aksan from Turkey and many other artists.

Our Services

- Music Production

- Web Design

- Brand Promotion

- Video Editing



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